How SSL Works

SSL is one of the greatest inventions in the internet! It is now easier to connect to people around the world, and shopping items and any transaction and business services are now just a click away. However, as the online technology continues, progressing, the private details are at risk due to several bad hackers.

There’s a possibility that a website can be hacked. The only way to prevent this problem is to build an effective web security. In order to set up web security, website owners must purchase an SSL certificate.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. It is an ID card that assures visitors that the website they click is legit or it assures visitors that the website is “who they say they are.”

You can purchase SSL from a Certificate Authority (CA). Usually, CA ensures that the companies are telling the truth, its team researches companies, check references, and assures the identity, and encrypts data that protect any information of the visitors. If we talk about encryption, it means a process of securing the data between the owner of the site and its visitors, without compromising the data.

Some companies that offer server also provide SSL. If there’s no SSL, you can use a third party.

How it works?

A shopper wants to purchase an item to a shopping website. There are two computers involved in this transaction: hosting server of the website and the computer of a shopper.

The shopper’s computer will connect to the shopping website and will look for an SSL certificate, and the shopping website will be verified by Certificate Authority. After checking the identity of both, the computer will form an initial connection (it is called the handshake). During this process, both will decide which encryption will be used.

This agreement is used to establish SSL. There are different types of SSL. It’s up to the web owner he wants to appear on web address-it can be a lock icon, a thumbs up, a green browser bar.

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