13 Reasons Why… PC is Hanging

You are about to finish your document when suddenly, your PC freezes and automatically restarts. If this problem keeps on happening, it will ruin your everyday work. To stop suffering from this problem, you need to know the cause of the problem before fixing it.   There are 4 Types of System Freeze Issues 1. Hang […]

2018 Health Apps

Health Apps – If you failed some of your New Year resolutions, don’t lose hope. You have trillions of chances to start again! Health is wealth! Many Millennials who were in the 30s and above are now health conscious because of their lifestyle and busy schedule (in their work). Due to the increase of stress […]

The Right Web Hosting Provider

There are plenty of web hosting provider to choose from. With that, it is challenging to pick which of them is the best for your needs. For developers and bloggers, picking the right web host is like picking Mr. Right or finding their true love. In the age of digital, establishing a reliable website is necessary […]

How SSL Works

SSL is one of the greatest inventions in the internet! It is now easier to connect to people around the world, and shopping items and any transaction and business services are now just a click away. However, as the online technology continues, progressing, the private details are at risk due to several bad hackers. There’s a […]

How to Prevent Laptop Overheating

Laptops and tablets are prone to overheating, especially during summer. Unlike desktops PCs, laptop hardware components are in close proximity to each other, thus making a restricted space for passive air circulation. additionally, as the computer gets older, the components work less efficiently, causing these components to heat up to high temperatures quickly. Dangers of […]

Top Mac Anti-Virus 2018

Most people think Mac computers are safer among other brands of devices. However, malware and other viruses are evolving and getting stronger as times go by. So what do you do to protect your device from a virus? That is by getting an anti-virus! Most Mac users rely on Apple’s security, which genuinely shows great […]

Top Anti-virus Tools

Due to the numerous activities happening in our computer system, it is difficult to figure out if it has been infected by virus. That’s why we are using security software or anti-virus software. But, with the tons of security software brands available, how can you specify which software you need, and which brand will satisfy […]

Best Steam Games to Try This 2018

There are lots of reasons why many gamers are loyal to Steam. In the age where smartphones can do a lot of things, especially running online games, gamers aren’t using disc to play games. So meaning, why you need desktop or buy disc to play on your desktop? Well, the enjoyment of playing online games […]


Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Presidential elections in the United States and Brexit voting were over. But the scandals are like ghosts who keep on returning in the present time to haunt its creators-even the humanity. Social media is meant to be a tool for connecting people and a platform to practice freedom. But as time goes by, social media […]